-Map courtesy of John Hopkins University
As of typing this, you or I have not heard the news discuss or read headlines about:

- Yellow vest protests

- Hong Kong protests

- Everyone in Venezuela playing 'Don't Starve Together'

- China's economy collapsing

- Prisons worldwide letting people out because: reasons

- China rounding up all the Uyghurs before they vanished

- U.S. Special Forces in Africa

- People trying to talk us into eating bugs

- Climate change being "the greatest threat we face"

- The war in Syria

- Julian Assange

- Edward Snowden

- The Information Awareness Office


- Chinese lung herpes being a *chimeric virus

- Chinese lung herpes having six different origin stories

- Locusts all over Africa and the Middle East

- Yellowstone is about to blow

- Senators and Congressmen making money from this

- Jeff Bezos doing the same thing

- Other people doing the same thing

- All those CEOs who stepped down at the same time

- The 2nd Great Depression

- The Great Depression 2.0

- The Greatest Depression

- The Big Sad

- North Korea curing people with bullets

- The Non-profit Industrial Complex

- The War on Drugs

- The War on Terror

- The War on War

- The War on Homelessness

- The homeless as a concept

- The homeless as people

- The homeless as an abstract

- The homeless as a statistic

- 1/3 of the homeless in the US are children

- It's Russia's fault because: reasons

- _________ behind every corner

- __________________ behind every corner

- _________ being our _________________

- That thing you like

- Sudan closing its borders before the UK

- The UK's travel ban while letting people in

- Elected officials who put lives at risk

- Journalists who put lives at risk

- People who invoked race over this

- Paraguay locking down after five cases

- The virus mutating as it laps the earth

- Wikipedia obfuscating history****

- Those tweets that were deleted

- Those tweets that were archived

- That military base in Antarctica*****

In his studies of the collapse of complex societies Joseph Tainter refers to mystical causes as one reason for collapse and what he means by that is he explicitly refers to Spengler's analysis and critiques. When there's no meaningful struggle I think people welcome death.      Airlines: $35 to put your bag on our plane  Airlines: $16 for bag of chips  Airlines: Sorry you want your *legs* to fit? $75  Airlines: haha, you have to fork over an extra $50 to choose the seat you already paid for  Airlines:  Airlines: Oh no someone help us we r out of monies       At first I thought all the anti-mask propaganda was because the people who inevitably want us to eat bugs and live in pods had sunk so much money into facial recognition software that they decided to let a fraction of the Earth's population succumb to Chinese lung herpes out of anger and frustration. I still think that, but its easier to believe the following:   They know masks are important but have steered clear of saying so because we are running a deficit for healthcare workers on medical supplies and they want the public supply routed to them instead first. That was the delay in just admitting you should wear one.      Before quarantine you were doing nothing with yourself  Now you're still doing nothing with yourself but have an excuse to continue this behavior    The line between concerned citizen and snitch continues to blur as local businesses and neighbors deal with the lockdown in their area    Executives scramble for spyware to implement for employees continuing to produce from home under lockdown and quarantine. That makes them employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year until further notice.    Cars line bumper to bumper at food banks and pantries nationwide but that's okay cause they're not breadlines so this isn't a Depression      It safe to say that twenty years after 9/11 our government had ZERO plan for handling a pandemic.    What's the chance they have an actual plan to handle:    - A nuclear attack  - A biological attack  - A dirty bomb  - An EMP attack  - Large scale natural disaster  - Large scale industrial disaster  - Economic collapse  - Foreign invasion  - ???     Carnival Cruise CEO Arnold Donals wants a Bailout.   - They're registered in Panama  - 5% of workforce is American  - They pay less than 1% in Federal Tax  - Workers earn an average of $500/month despite 12 hour days, 7 days a week  That qualifies for a criminal investigation much easier than a bailout.       Banks looking for suckers to take out new stimulus SBA loans at 2.5x the average monthly payroll with a six month grace period and up to 4% interest rate. Create a crisis and then profit from it with money conjured from nothing and loaned out for free.   Chinese lung herpes really shinning a lot of light one "this was bullshit the whole time" policy after another.   Until further notice, Zerohedge headlines will read like a never ending blooper reel that slowly erodes our lives.   Factories on lockdown mean nothing is being produced or manufactured. There is now a finite number of condoms in the world.   Chinese lung herpes now the 3rd leading cause of death in the US   Up to 30% of all mortgages will default by the end of the month, the biggest wave of delinquencies in history   NY's unemployment fund will be insolvent in 2 months   US Box office sales last year from March 20 - 26 was $204 million. This year was $5,179   Five days before declaring bankruptcy - Whiting Petroleum gave its top executives a total of $14.6 million in cash bonuses   Millions have lost employer sponsored health insurance      Laredo just made it illegal to lave your house without a mask. They jumped past #Masks4All and straight into "cover your mouth or we're fucking you up" 1st place int he US to mandate masks in public. A town in the Texas hinterlands miles ahead of the Federal government in implementing scientifically sound public safety rules.      Britain's housing market is frozen   $81 billion in rent was due on April 1st and that has yet to be resolved   States intercepting travelers from other states and forcing them into quarantine      Schools and businesses everywhere making very "March has demonstrated that we could very easily give you more flexible arrangements if we wanted to with no impact on performance, but don't get too comfortable fuckface misery is inherent to the system" noises.    It's great that U.S. corporations built up a huge cash reserve from Trump's tax cuts, then spent $1 trillion of it on stock buybacks and are now running into liquidity problems and need a bailout.    The sound you hear are hundreds of thousands of California gun owners drilling out the rivets of their 30 rounders, reinstalling their pistil grips and cranking out another couple hundred rounds of reloads.    People worried about gun grabs at a time like this probably have things that the authorities, from local police departments all the way up to the ATF, are concerned about and so should you. Things that go through Kevlar. Things purchased at gun shows, in cash, under the table. Things not in the Geneva Conventions.      The thing about NY in 2020 is that whatever your politics are, you can agree that it is the source of the absolute worst governance in America.   New guidelines for EMS in NYC says that patients in cardiac arrest should not be transported to the hospital if they cannot be saved in the field.   We are really on our own to die. Let's go Mets!     Draganfly was recently selected by Vital Intelligence, a healthcare data services and deep learning company in conjunction with the University of South Australia, to "immediately commercialize" pandemic drones to monitor people in public areas.    "Draganfly is honored to work on such an important project given the current pandemic facing the world with COVID-19. Health and respiratory monitoring will be vital for not only detection, but also utilizing the data to understand health trends. As we move forward, drones and autonomous technology doing detection will be an important part of ensuring public safety," said Andy Card, Director of Draganfly and former Secretary of Transportation and White House Chief of Staff.    As shown below, the pandemic drone can easily detect breathing rate, heart rate, body temperature, and if the person is sneezing and coughing – all signs that could point to a COIVD-19 carrier.    Draganfly selected to integrate breakthrough health diagnosis technology to detect & monitor COVID19  

Gentle reminder that early in the outbreak, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore (the only places winning) had already:  -disinfected the streets  -killed the rodent population  -shut schools  -had 50 drive thru test spots through the city  As of 3/29/2020 - New York City still hasn’t closed the subway      1920: Alcohol is prohibited   2020: Liquor stores are an essential business during a national health crisis       The risks are massive no matter what you do.  Last month, people were faced with a modern day prisoner's dilemma  If you hold large sporting events right now, you risk spreading a lethal virus even more rapidly.  If you close them off, several wealthy organizations might have slightly less money.  Really, how can you choose?      So-called Elites' Priorities (order highest to lowest):   - The military industrial complex   - ______   - Banks   - Power   - Themselves & families   - Stock Market   - GDP   - Corporations   - Not Being Called Racist   - Their friends   - Ideology   - Migrants   - Their Dogs/Cats   - A Thick Layer of Dirt   - You       The stimulus package that just passed is the biggest wealth transfer from common folks to the super-rich in the history of mankind.  Done in the name of a virus with $1,200 checks as the cheese in the trap.  This will be obvious in short order.    With avarice in the face of suffering and headlines more nonsensical than ever, enough people don't believe in politics being the rich man's comic strip to keep it all in motion.    https://www.wsj.com/articles/bezos-other-corporate-executives-sold-shares-just-in-time-11585042204  Amazon’s Bezos, Other Corporate Executives Sold Shares Just in Time The richest man the world scrambled to make money during a global pandemic He and his ilk suffer from a disease called morE   I WANT ROPE AND LAMPPOSTS  MORE THAN ANYONE I KNOW  AND I'LL COME FOR JOURNALISTS  BEFORE ELECTED OFFICIALS  OR JEFF BEZOS  EVEN IF HE WAS AT MY DOOR  PANICKING AND BLEEDING  CRYING FOR HELP  WITH MISSING TEETH  ROBBED OF HIS DIGNITY  I'M SORRY RICHEST MAN ON EARTH  I SEE MATTHEW YGLESIAS  RUNNING FROM A MOB  I SAW HIM FIRST  WHEN HE WAS A BLUE TICK  BACK WHEN THEY SAID THINGS  THINGS WE ALL KNEW WERE LIES  AND WERE PUNISHED FOR SAYING SO  BUT YOU CAN'T SHADOWBAN ROPE  AND YOU CAN'T BLOCK LAMPPOSTS  NO ONE WANTS TO LIFT UP  THE DREGS OF SOCIETY  BUT HEY IF YOU DO  YOU GET A FREE ARMY       *AND WHY DO I HAVE TO TUCK IN MY SHIRT I'LL DO EVERYTHING ELSE TO NOT RESENT YOU PEOPLE   TO THE POINT OF WANTING YOU TO WATCH YOU PEOPLE BE SWARMED BY LOCUSTS BUT WHAT   COMMUNIST HORSESHIT IS THIS SHIRT TUCKING BUSINESS IN FACT DID THOSE PEOPLE IN GULAGS   TUCK IN THEIR SHIRT CAUSE THEY WERE FORCED TO BE THERE BUT NOT TUCK IN THEIR SHIRT I'M   FORCED TO TUCK IN MY SHIRT BUT I'M NOT FORCED TO BE HERE I'LL JUST GO SLEEP IN AN ALLEY   CAUSE ALL THE DUMPSTERS ARE TAKEN BUT MY SHIRT ISN'T TUCKED IN SO SOME PUNK KID HORRIBLY   MURDERS ME TO JOIN A GANG AND LEAVES ME TO BLEED OUT IN FRONT OF APATHETIC PASSERBYS   WITH THEIR PHONES OUT AND UP SO THEY ALL LOOK LIKE THEY'RE IN WITNESS PROTECTION AS I   CROSS OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE     NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED   NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED   NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED   NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED   NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED   NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED   NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED   NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED   NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED   NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED   NORMALIZE BEING INFECTED       RUN! MAKE! STOMP YOUR PSYCHIC ENEMIES THROUGH A MAIL SLOT LIKE I DID TO THEIR PETS INTO THEIR MUFFLER  MAKE! BREAK! MAYBE EAT A STEAK! MAN, I COULD GO FOR A VANILLA SHAKE   ONE STEP AT A TIME   ONE PUNCH AT A TIME   ONE ROUND AT A TIME         ► Detected:  274,092 (+29,198)   ► Died:  11,352 (+1,324)   5:49PM EST   3/20/2020     LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!   


Attention discourse connoisseurs. Yes, dirtbag left chatter about guillotines is LARP and cope. Agreed.

But, this crisis feels familiar to me and here's what's likely to happen politically in major cities across the United States.

This is a draft for the sake of the timestamp.

Let's call it micro-lawfare. It's a working stiff's reaction to a material crisis that the overlords handle as a legitimation crisis.

Louisiana went through this after the Katrina-related federal flood. Florida went through it with the foamed landing of the foreclosure crisis.

Remember the recovery planning carnival of 2006-2009 in New Orleans? Or the three Floridians who unravel the workings of robo-signed foreclosures and work the courts and the politics to save their homes as best they can? Of course you don't, no one does

Many such cases in New Orleans. Small groups of people who sink their time into working the system while their own lives are in crisis. It's organic organization. Doesn't require a DSA chapter to facilitate. Difficult, but not impossible to derail with the progressive stack.

Eternal September was something I'd experienced more than once in my Internet travels. One day it had reached its final frontier and we Eternal September'd the entire nation.

They are experiencing Eternal September.

This crisis is a final frontier for micro-lawfare. It is going to be a crisis that replicates in every US city. It will take the same shape. It will be material. It will involve local government. There will be something needed that's missing and someone who is is responsible.

It will be a group of doctors and nurses here, teachers there. They'll use Facebook groups to talk, then organize, and then research, and then become really very annoying to people who are unaccustomed to oversight from the bottom up.

They'll say raffish things like "you already said that" and "do your job."

They'll have attorneys. Local attorneys who will give them the ability to litigate. Then they'll be unbelievably annoying. Almost to the point where you have to start giving them stuff to calm them down.

But instead of being isolated in Louisiana or Florida where travel writers for the NYT or NPR can cast these people as ruffians who don't understand process and politics, this crisis will be everywhere. These groups will find each other and help each other with their tactics.

If you're a discourse connoisseur this won't affect you, though. You'll be busy curating the discourse. These people won't have the really hot takes.

They'll be calling, sending email, addending meetings, and generally displaying a lack of decorum around officials.

Like Eternal September, I can see this happening everywhere at once. It's not a revolution. It's unbearably boring and you want it over with. Children with points of privilege will not be tolerated because everyone else has to go to work in the morning.

When this happens, even the hot take people that I really enjoy are going to miss it. They'll talk about how Twitter isn't real life, but a Facebook group that meets at Chili's one day is real life, and when it is their lives and livelihood at stake they will follow through.

Sorry this is very poorly written, but its raw stuff that I know to be true.

Oh, the Eternal September reference: It was something I saw in 2013 but was too bad with words to convey, but now everyone sees it. I saw it because I'd been through it. I saw that it was going to scale up.

This is another of those.

I said they'll have attorneys, local attorneys. Yes and… pro bono because they're local and full of feelings. Not inchoate outrage though. Resolve. They make these little groups unbelievably annoying, potentially litigious, but definitely harder to dupe.


The year is 2022. The USA is up to COVID-37.

5 business remain open: Amazon, Walmart, UFC, Twitch and the WWE.

Fights are streamed 24/7. Some athletes now enter the ring in an iron lung.

The stock market has been replaced by a random number generator. It works just as well.

Most gig work now involves people paying government credits to watch each other do mundane tasks on Onlyfans.

All communication occurs by podcast.

Social Security has given way to everyone subscribing to everyone else's patreon.

Everyone lives off the all too possible whopper.

Chinese lung herpes has mutated so many times, owing to the world's massive population and a de-emphasizing on hand washing.

Partial recoveries are sent back to work, allowing the virus to recoup its strength, breeding super-bugs*

Kids chase those super-bugs and post instagram stories about them.

A world leader will die from this before the end of April (yes, the Pope counts as a world leader during a global pandemic)

People will flex by smugly posting pictures of their fridge and pantries. Children will sob hysterically as their parents are unable to explain why this is happening. Those children will grow up detached, disconnected, and unable to assimilate back into society when this is over.

Expect people to do ideological 180s due to years of seeing the world in black and white, unable to keep it up in the world we are entering.

A third of colleges will go bankrupt before anyone starts to question this whole student-debt-to-wage-slave pipeline and useless degree assembly lines.

Has anyone tried asking the virus what it wants?

United Statistics of America

Are you emotionally prepared to witness your twitter, instagram, facebook feeds taken over by thousands of individuals live-blogging their own deaths?

If not I suggest deleting social media for the next 6 months at least.

As of 3/29/2020 4:28 EST

Detected: 665,164 (+1,113) ► Died: 30,888 (+31)

— 3.7 billion people put under lockdown —
— 202 countries and territories infected —
— 66% more confirmed deaths than swine flu in all of 2009-10 —
— 2,084 different strains have been sequenced —

Coronavirus spike already visible in mortality rates from Italy

Spain mortality rate goes up 17% due to coronavirus

Spain health ministry says up to 66% of deaths not detected

Virus doesn't show up on throat samples

Italy first case tests positive again after "recovery"

Rapidly mutating

12% of deaths in Italy had no previous conditions

Olympics for 2020 cancelled, postponed until 2021

CDC lab for test kits contaminated

WHO declares _PANDEMIC_

"Germany doesn't test post-portem", Spanish biologist

06:01: First death in Monaco.
05:35: 978 new cases and 45 new deaths in Germany.
05:02: 60 new cases and 2 new deaths in Norway.
04:50: 2 new deaths in Brazil.
04:48: 250 new cases in Austria.

I really, really want to read a story explaining exactly how the Utah Jazz managed to get their hands on 58 COVID-19 tests in a matter of hours.



There is no stopping this thing. With an R0 of 5+ COVID-19 can only run it's course. That's why the CDC is not testing people in the US. The fact is we already have tens of thousands infected. Look at the number of people being monitored or under self-quarantine around the country. That is the number of symptomatic cases. 10,000+ in CA and NY alone.

The government is probably making the right decision here by keeping a lid on information. This cannot be stopped so the only solution is management and clean-up. FEMA is strategically placing materials in anticipation of panic when word of the outbreak spreads. They need to coordinate across all levels of government and business to try to make this as soft of a landing as possible. They cannot let people know that we, as a society, are helpless in the face of this demon. We will run out of basic medical supplies by April and there will be no resupply from China as they will still be shut down.

The cavalry is not coming.

The longer they can keep the public placid, the better chance they have at staging supplies ahead of the massive shitshow. Officials are trying to figure out how to do things like getting meals to children who rely on government schools for food everyday once local districts start closing. They're discussing how to keep people in their homes when they can't work and miss mortgage payments. They're trying to figure out how to keep markets as quiet as possible because a complete economic collapse very well may kill more productive people than the virus itself. They are trying to manage as best they can with a series of horrible outcomes facing them and the longer they can plan in relative peace the better.

We are on our own.

The government has resigned itself to the fact that we will all be infected sooner or later. The trolley problem* has come to life.

We can sacrifice the economy to save people or sacrifice people to save the economy.