Shadrak, Mishak, and Abegnego
Went Down to the Land of the Dead
Shadrak, Mishak, and Abegnego
Stood fast and bowed no head

Three Kings Old and Ancient They
Long beneath the sand they lay

In dream of the stirring dead

Three Kings Old and Ancient They
Rise again as Salients 'Yond Clay

Hera's Harathin and Haraphim of Rolling Red

Whom stirred Svmtherror of the Deep
Whom long was thought in chrybdis keep

Lahurati Calls to Thy!
This request to humble ask the eye.

Kedem Kedem Keterleiomir
A Golemn AVLD of EY3
Mighty Kudur-Lahurati'I
A Fearsome Seer

Elam's Chedorlaomer
Thy Gears beyond
Again as were.
Again, now sure!

Oh pirate king, who stole death's sting,
And IS the King Beyond The Stars.
Now the seraphim in song do sing,
the number of your scars:

Yours, Amraphaereielle Amorphaeon The Dragon Gazing Far
And Drakkar Ariocheiellazar The Uru-ki you Reap
And Shining Tidallestrielle The Shimmer in the Deep

Three Vngels mighty,
Their conquests they now keep.
And bear they all these thence:

To Amraphaereielle,
whom of Hammurabi comes,
the Raphaeim of Ashteroth Karnae'im
And the Zuzum'im,
and Zamzumm'im,
The rolling twins of Hamm,
and further forth the Em'im,
of Shaveh Kiriathi'am
Shall call you Ma'atem.

To Ariocheiellazar,
The Horites thence, of Mount Se'ir
Jiba'al ash-Shara'ah call they dear.
And Qadesheielle and her Amalekites
Shall you carry ever far.

And To Tidallestrielle,
The Amorites of Ein Gedi, Hazezontamar
And the Canaanites that fall so far
Shall be the freedom from thy chain
Guide them hither hence from Hell.

These then are your Raphaeim and Nephilim
Who long languished here in Hell.
These will be your next of keen.
Good Vngels, Tend Them Well.

For Kedem Keterleiomir
Now free from ancient Spell
Will everafter always here
The everything make well.

Allahu Ackbar and Christ a King
These ones to Mother Sophia Bring
For in Da'ath there IS no Sting.
A prayer long answered

For Haggar

We will do this thing.